About Me

I grew up riding and owning horses , but when my professional riding career  ended due to a car accident and I re-trained in saddlery .

My  6 year apprenticeship culminated in a two year Saddlery course at the Cordwainer collage at the London Fashion University,
In this time I attended many courses, case making, lorrenary, and leather crafts in general, so I have made, and can make anything from a saddle to a full set of harness . 

I moved into showing dogs  by accident and its quite a long story , however here is the abridged version..
I have had many breeds of dogs , I started with English Springer Spaniels, 12 working dogs  at one point . I lived on a large farm with horses and other animals, I was offered a male Pointer, he was more or less unhandleable and a very skinny sacred chap, I was his last change or he was  off to the vets !  So he stayed .
It took a long time  to gain his trust and I wont go into  that , however I took him to a horse show one day to help with his social skills, there it was suggested  I  entered him into the dog show section.  Unplanned  as this was, as  I had come to show jump , but a good idea,  he won his class and at the end of the day he took best in show.  I was delighted with the result and his behaviour throughout  as he had taken it  all in his stride.

The judges said  he was very special and they asked  if  I have his paperwork . I did,  and so I contacted his breeders , they would have like to have have him back, but I was too attached to him  by now,  but  I agreed to meet them at a local show. With just a 5  minute  master class on how to stack him before his class from his breeder,  I entered, he was placed 3rd in his post grad class, as I walked out the ring I was informed he had now qualified for Crufts !!!

That Year, Dan and I,  featured on  the Crufts Television Programme, this was a great experience including  an  interview with Ben Fogle, and  being  filmed, me riding my horse and  Dan running besides, this was  normal practice for us  most days . 

Sadly Dan is no longer with us , but I made him up to a show champion with 3 CCS and 5 RCCs, he also sired a litter which gave me my foundation bitch. 

Moving on.
 As soon as other dog owners  realised my leather working background I was asked to make Dog  Leads,  Collars etc.  My regular customers  have come to rely on my  workmanship, which they were finding  fell very short from other lead sellers and producers. 

I gave up the saddlery completely  and moved into show leads full time in 2008 to concentrate on this line .

I currently offer a huge range of items in a fabulous array of colours and styles in  Leathers, Webbing and Cord. With amazingly blingy Gems, crystals and  Pandoraesk beads. I make every style of show lead and collar and a lot of everyday items too .

To date some of my best work  have  been some fabulous bespoke creations  and I  can make anything to your specifications as well , the sky and your imagination is the limits.

All my products are hand stitched and are made extremely strong from the inner core which is both non stretch and will not snap , I use only British fittings and clips for quality and strength. I source and use only the best leathers which I believe allows me to create products that are not only strong and long lasting, but will give you ,the customer, the confidence to step out into the ring with style and that professional edge. 

I do hope you enjoy my website, please contact me should you have any questions or wish to discuss an order with me . I can offer help and advice or if you would like to chat about a bespoke item please do so .

Also  look out for my trade stand at many local and Champ Shows.